... with the power of prayer

The Three Villages Prayer Chain

Prayer across Cradley, Mathon and Storridge

The Three Villages Prayer Chain has been in place since November 2009 and offers prayer for anyone in need, irrespective of faith or denomination (or, indeed, no faith). Prayer for a wide variety of reasons have been requested since that time. There are approx 20 members, all within the local community.

The 'Prayer Chain' is designed to complement the prayers published on the church’s weekly news sheet, the Prayer Chain differs in that it is activated immediately a request is made and is entirely confidential. This means that prayer requests made to the 'Prayer Chain' are not included in the weekly church news sheet unless specifically requested.

Members of the 'Prayer Chain' communicate with each other regularly, via email, to add names and update progress. Data Protection remains foremost and all information shared is kept to a minimum - e.g. only christian name and a broad outline of the reason for the prayer requested.

This form of prayer support is used in many churches and is often of great comfort to those in distress. Many believe prayer works to complement the skills and wisdom of those in the medical and other professions. Anyone within Cradley, Mathon or Storridge, is welcome to phone with a request for prayer; not only those who are members of the church community. Every request will be warmly received and remain in complete confidence within the group.

If you would like prayer in confidence, or any further information about the 'Prayer Chain' please phone Rev. Robert Ward (01886 880438).