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The parish news sheet is produced every week and contains details of forth-coming services, events and meetings along with other notices that may be of interest to those who live in the parish or wider benefice.


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One of the pressures many of us live with today is the pressure to adapt and to change, especially in the face of new technology. Many of the training events I've signed up for lately have been about rising to this very challenge. Those who attended our Benefice Morning last month were reminded of the different worlds of communication and media in which our shifting generations live. The different age groups born in the last seventy years or more see the world very differently from one another, and the pace of that change seems to be increasing. So this Lent, this season of forty days leading up to Easter, the themes we're pursuing in our three parishes are about building bridges between what is precious from the past and what is relevant for the present and the future.

Lent Talks this year (at Mathon Parish Hall on Tuesday evenings) are clustered loosely under the theme of 'engaging with today's world.' The talk in February was a view on spiritual matters from a cutting-edge particle physicist; the one on March 6 is about  the power and potential of computer technology both for good and for evil: the one on March 13 is about the capture and potrayal of the natural world by film and documentary makers, with a warning attached about the future survival of species.

Lent lunches, the simple bread, soup and cheese luches offered each Wednesday in a different venue in our three villages, invite us to make donations which this year will go to help provide school transport for young children in our linked region of Mtwara in Tanazania, and also to help support some of those farmers in this and nearby counties who find themselves in particularly difficult times, through the Farming Community Network, which works alongside the Borderlink Chaplaincy. Details of those lunches are given elsewhere in this newsletter.

Then as we approach Holy Week at the end of March, and Easter Day on April 1, we invite you to engage again with some very ancient wisdom and rhythms and practices indeed, as we again walk with Jesus in the way of the cross, and find through it the path of life: new life, Risen Life, Resurrection Life, on Easter Morning.

Jesus had something to say in St. Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 9,  about 'putting new wine into old wine-skins', about the danger that the skins would burst and both wine and skins be lost. Maybe that's why building bridges between the old and the new can seem so challenging. But I have a hunch that the image of Christ on the cross speaks of something very similar- seeking to bring in a new world, new hope, new destinies, sometimes in the very teeth of the old... and invite you to come along with us to help in the endeavour!

Your Rector,

Robert Ward


Storridge Parochial Church Council, 2013